What type of gym member are you? (Part 2)

It is great to see all sorts of people getting down the gym and making an effort to get in shape. But for the most part, they are not going about it in the correct or most optimal way.


What type of gym member are you? (Part 1)

For the most part most gym members are going about their training the least optimal way (sometimes the completely wrong way!) to achieve their current health and fitness goals.


How much weight, repetitions and sets should I be using in the gym?

A lot of poeple get quite confused when knowing what weight, repetitions and sets they should be using when in the gym. There no real magic number.


Improve you massage therapy ability by improving your grip strength

I have heard so many massage therapists telling that they don’t have quite enough strength in their hands to work on certain individuals. I have found improving grip or hand strength allows you to work harder and deeper with less effort


Making the most of the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi

The use of the steam room and sauna along with the Jacuzzi is a great way to leach out toxins from the body, improve circulation, improve lymph flow, relax muscles and stimulate the anabolic (rest and repair) side-of-the body and, therefore, improve recovery from hard exercise.


“Do it yourself-massage”

If you can’t see a therapist, then you can either use a tennis ball, medicine ball or a foam roller to “iron out” and tension you may have in your muscles, as show in the four videos below. It’s not as precise as seeing someone like me for a massage, but it’s a good alternative to get and keep your body loose


Are there any benefits to massage? Working with a client who just wants a massage on the calf, ankle, foot and now upper back- Part 2

As discussed in the first part, massage does have a lot of general and local benefits. I also took you through the process on how I generally massage my clients. This client came to me, for mainly a lower leg (calf massage). As she was complaining of tension, cramp, cold feet and weakness in this area.


The king of all exercises- the deadlift plus my 10 top reasons to deadlift

The deadlift is considered as the “king of exercises.” This is because it works so many muscles at once. In short, it works the muscles in your legs, hips, lower back, upper back, neck and forearms.

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