The Riverside Gym: One of Surrey’s oldest and BEST gyms

I had my first workout in this gym around five years ago. If I remember, it was a squat and deadlfit workout. I remember I had to cycle all the back home after that workout, which wasn’t easy!


Recharge your biological batteries from exercise

A lot of athletes are in a state of total fatigue- and don’t always realise it. I know of athletes who train (or used to) 10-20 hours a week!


Lacking motivation in the gym? Then track your exercise for free!

As the saying goes “failing to plan, is planning to fail.” Keeping track of your exercise is crucial!


Lacking motivation in the gym? This short story on persistance should help

If you want it, “you have to REALLY want it.”


Good health always equals good learning and why should we keep learning new things?

Do you find yourself losing the motivation to learn things? Do you find that your memory is getting worse? Or, do you find yourself having to keep reading the same paragraph three or four times and still not taking all the information in?


Arnold Schwarzenegger- Still Pumping in new, rare video clip

A great clip from the new edition of Pumping Iron. Being a big fan of Arnold, I would like to share this clip from my youtube channel. This clip contains top advice from Arnold on bodybuilding, focus, motivation and success. I hope it helps to inspire you!

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